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Harrington Geophysics Trade Limited Company

About Us !

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Harrington Geophysics is a geophysical company with high standards, by gathering a team of experts and knowledgeable staff, implementing suitable systems and developing proper strategies in land & TZ seismic operations.
In modern exploration of oil and gas, geophysics is the key to success.

Geophysical exploration, specifically, the seismic method, provides the necessary technology to remote sense the structural or strotigraphic reservoir to reduce the drilling risk.
In this field, we are playing an important role as an active, strong and reliable geophysical company.

Last Updated on Monday, 20 May 2013 10:14

Latest News

Harrington Geophysics participated in 17th Uzbekistan Oil & Gas Exhibition.

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Harrington Geophysics finished first phase of new Seismic Processing Center establishment in Istanbul with below specification :

- 128 Processing Core

- 1 TB Memory

- 48 TB High Speed Data Storage

- 10 GbE Network Architecture

This powerful mobile processing center specifically designed to handle Seismic Processing challenges and cover old processing center's bottlenecks with high speed access to data and big pool of memory supported by 10GbE network architecture.